Condolence & Memory Journal

("Ronnie" is the name by which I was known in those days.)

I am one of the many fortunate persons to be taught in first grade by Ms. Concannon. I have no doubt that her love and dedication influenced my positive attitude and enjoyment of school ever since. I could not know it then at the age of 6, but in retrospect, I must have been truly blessed to have her as a teacher.

Posted by Ronnie Alpert - Student   February 26, 2019

She was truly one of a kind. I student taught for her in 1984. She taught me so many things that have guided me through my life and helped me become a compassionate and dedicated teacher. She taught me to love them first, always listen to what they had to say and then teach them what they are eager to learn. It was evident that she loved every student and took a personal interest in their success. She laughed with them everyday and encouraged then to try their best. It was obvious that she loved her job and all of the students in her classroom. We kept in touch with letters and Christmas cards every year since I walked into her classroom 33 years ago. She inspired me to be a great teacher because every kid deserves a teacher who would motivate them to learn, while taking the time to love them! I work with new teachers every year and share her wisdom with them. I hope to carry on her legacy by cultivating a new generation of teachers that would make her proud. I will truely miss her quick wit, generous spirit and loving heart.

Posted by Regina(Betteker) Appleby - North Palm Beach, FL - friend   May 30, 2018

I am so saddened to here this news. Ms Concannon(as I will always know her) was my first grade teacher many years ago at Mason-Rice. She was my favorite and had left a lifelong impression on me. She will be greatly missed. Rest easy Ms Concannon.

Posted by Kathleen Murphy - Newton, MA   January 16, 2018

Ruth is my first cousin and one of the brightest ladies I've known . She loved her student's so much and her memory of them and all their names was incredible! I listened to her stories about their accomplishments as she was so proud of them and it brought a smile to her lovely face. .The Aunts" as Ruth, Nancy and Joan were lovingly called were the epitome of true ladies and great teachers to thousands of children . Ruth has joined her sisters in eternal peace and love. Her brothers,sisters and nieces were the core of her life and she would do anything for them . She was a great cook also and many a wonderful dinner was served at the Holidays with the whole family in their beautiful Victorian home .As Christmas draws near I never forget her Christmas gift bags and still have a flashlight !

Posted by ann Roderick - Newton, MA - Family   December 10, 2017

Deepest condolences to all the family and friends. She was my favorite elementary teacher, and I always remembered her, even after fifty-five years.

Posted by Tom Kovar - Florence, MA   December 10, 2017

57 years ago I set foot in Classroom 4 in Mason Rice as if it were yesterday and I was the beneficiary of the greatest teacher I ever had. I remember vividly her interest in me despite being a rambunctious 7 year old-always
( mistakenly) thinking I was her favorite. Thank you Ms Concannon for your selfless gift to the kids of Newton Ctr.

Posted by Kevin O'Malley - Groton, MA   December 09, 2017

Even close to six decades later, I still remember vividly Room 4 at the Mason-Rice School and my wonderful teacher, Ruth Concannon. I still have my report cards from her - written with such personal and deep concern for me and each and every student. Even at that young age, I recognized her peerless dedication to her craft and the kids she cared for so deeply. You truly made a difference, Ms. Concannon. Bravo to you and I am sure you bring a bright light to heaven!

Posted by Patty Summers Lank - Newton, MA   December 09, 2017

My condolences to the family. I had Mrs. Concannon for for 1st grade in 1977- she made a remarkable impression on me and my parents- before moving away, I went back to visit a few times - she always remembered me. I've since assessed my own children's teachers based on my experience with her.. she left a lasting legacy and positively impacted so many people.

Posted by Molly (Counihan) Rodriguez - South Kingstown, RI   December 09, 2017

There are no words to describe Ruth's extraordinary gifts as a teacher and friend. They don't make them like that anymore! She was the best.

Posted by Marcia Karp    December 09, 2017

Miss Concamnon was my daughters first grade teacher at Mason Rice. What a wonderful experience. Ruth was everything a teacher should be. May her soul Rest In Peace.
Shelley Abrahams

Posted by A friend   December 09, 2017

I student taught under Miss Concannon in the early 1970's. She was a lovely woman who taught me compassion for my future students. Not only was she my mentor, but a confidant and wonderful role model. Years later, I met her on the school playground with my own infant twins. We had a lovely reunion and in spite of the years that had passed, she still remembered me!

Posted by lynn shriber - peabody, MA - Friend   December 09, 2017

I student taught under Ruth in the early 1970's. I learned so much from her. She was a lovely woman, a caring teacher and a great mentor. Years later, I met her on the playground when my twins were infants. She still remembered me and I for one will never forget all she did for me.

Posted by Lynn Shriber - Peabody, MA   December 09, 2017

Where to begin... I haven't seen this woman in 50 years. However, she influenced every part of my being. I have so many memories of her. One of my favorites was Miss C taking me to Langkey's Deli in Newton Center. It was the best sandwich, pickle and chips ever! Well worth the spanking I got later as my mother was worried sick about me... Who knew our car was in the shop when we drove by for permission.

I also remember 50 lashes w a wet noodle... that is what she'd tell us to keep us in line. I also remember missing recess one day and my tears tearing my paper as I worked on my writing.

I became a teacher. In all my studies Ms. C and another Mason Rice teacher were my role models. Who I wanted to be and how I treated my class.

In actuality this woman saved a little girl who was only 5 and had a lot of turmoil at home. She loved us, she cared and boy did I love her.

Thank you Ms. C for years of education, years of care and for what you gave everyday.

You were truly one of a kind and as I write this, I see you and a much younger version of myself hand in hand. Ruth, you made a difference.

Posted by Suzi Veaner Schnars - Austin, TX - Student   December 09, 2017

To the Concannon Family:

Please accept my deepest sympathies. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Michael Sullivan

Posted by Michael Sullivan - Cambridge, MA   December 09, 2017

Miss Concannon was my favorite teacher of all time. My whole family loved her!!
My son Zach got to go to the Mason Rice school in 1st grade and she told him she remembered me and my sisters!! A real gem!!

Posted by Robert Veaner - Millis, MA - Student   December 08, 2017

You've added your light to the sum of light, Miss Concannon. For this, we are extremely greatful. Godspeed to Heaven. ❤

Posted by Christopher Arthur Leacu - Newton Center, MA - student   December 08, 2017

Ruth was a master teacher with a quick wit and a storehouse of wisdom. One could always count on her to tell where the best deals were for clothing, restaurants, automobiles or jewelry. She was generous with her time, loved her nieces beyond reason, was proud of her brothers and close to her sisters. As a coworker she was inventive and always delivered what she promised. As a friend she was a listener,and an advisor and let you know what she thought of just about anything that warm conversation asked her. I would start every school day in her classroom for conversation for a good quarter hour learning as only she could teach. That was with love, experiance and dedication to teaching and learning. Rest dear friend Ill never forget you.

Posted by Ken Roberts - Newton, MA - friend   December 07, 2017

My deepest sympathies to all of the Concannon family. May Ruth now rest peacefully.

Posted by Marie Connolly - Falmouth, MA - Family   December 06, 2017