Jane Frances (Lyons) McGovern

  • Born: July 13, 1937
  • Died: November 29, 2017
  • Location: North Reading, Massachusetts

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Tribute & Message From The Family

Every girl grows up thinking their mother is the sweetest, strongest, loveliest, smartest, most absolutely amazing woman in the world. It's only natural.
For the four daughters of Jane McGovern, it also happened to be true.

Jane Frances (Lyons) McGovern
July 13, 1937- November 29, 2017
Born in Bronxville, New York. She spent her early years in Providence, Rhode Island. She had fond memories of being a little girl running through the campus of Brown University.
But for Jane Lyons, as she was known then, growing up wasn't easy. She lost her parents at the age of ten. The rest of her childhood she spent in the care of nuns and extended family.
She attended St. Elizabeth's School of Nursing. It was here she found more than a career. She found a way of life - caring for others. For 35 years she was an Emergency Care nurse, primarily at Waltham Hospital.
She married John P. McGovern in 1959. She had four daughters. Kathy, Maura, Margaret and Janie. Her girls.
And it was to her girls she gladly and whole heartedly dedicated her life. She was a working mom. But she was always there. Telling us constantly we were her everything. Her world. Her biggest accomplishment. Her girls.
When she wasn't a mom caring for her girls. She was a nurse, in the middle of the ER, caring for the sick, the broken and the lost.
And she was so beautiful. So smart, so wise. Her girls grew up in the warm glow of her graceful intellect. Watching her read. She loved the library, loved history. Mary Queen of Scots, The Tudors, King Henry and all his wives, John Adams, Catherine the Great.
She believed in the power of education. How important it is. Instilled it in her girls. And in the grandchildren they gave her.
Her eleven grandchildren. Bobby, Michael, Eric, Christian, Nate, Stacia, Juliette, Sebastian, Ava, Aidan, and Oscar. She gave each her love, warmth and tireless attention. Keeping up with every moment big and small. Taking great pride in every accomplishment. And, every so often, beating them soundly at Scrabble.
Jane McGovern was kind. Always. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Be the bigger person. Do the right thing, Think about others. What they might be feeling. What they could be going through. And when things get tough, inhale peace, exhale calm. And be kind. Always.
Quiet. Reserved. Strong. True. A lady. She was a cancer survivor.
She loved in a way that made you know you were loved. Like she loved you more than anything else. And when you told her you loved her, she would reply- I love you more.
God gave our mother many challenges. She took whatever was thrown at her, adjusted, and kept going. She never complained. She adjusted.
She made us the women we are today. Her girls. Kathy, Maura, Margaret and Janie.