Condolence & Memory Journal

Knew Dick in high school. He was a very decent person and I always knew he would go places. May you RIP Dick. Su
e Smiley Humphrey

Posted by Sue Smiley-Humphrey - Minden, LA   November 11, 2017

I read the letter and cannot believe it... Dr. Johannes was an outstanding physician. Without a doubt, one of the best physicians I have ever met. Beyond being ridiculously competent, he was caring, compassionate, trustworthy and kind, all at the same time. He had a great sense of humor too, which helped put patients like myself at ease. Dr. Johannes, I will miss you immensely... My deepest condolences to the Johannes family and everyone that had the privilege and joy to knowing you.

Posted by Horacio Facca - Winchester, MA   August 04, 2017


Posted by A friend   July 31, 2017

Truly one of the most compassionate, caring, perceptive, and brilliant doctors I have ever known. All this with a wonderful sense of humor, too. How lucky I feel to have been his patient, if only for these past three years. He was recommended to me by Dr. Joe Garfield, who did not mention that Dr. Johannes was a student at the University of Wisconsin when I was there. With his delightful sense of humor, Dr. Johannes presented himself to me with a question: "Where in Wisconsin are you from?"
This is an aching loss for us all.
Sending my sympathy and respect to his family.

Posted by Judith Solar - Boston, MA   July 31, 2017

I am reading this news in disbelief. I was a patient for the past 8 years, and saw him recently. He was a great "coach," and eager to see his patients succeed! A truly kind and wonderful human being. I am so thankful to have known him. Deep condolences to his family and to all who knew him.

Posted by Bob Percy - Franklin, MA - Friend   July 30, 2017

I was deeply saddened to receive a letter today from Brigham and Women's Hospital informing me of Dr. Johannes' passing. I was a patient of his for the past nine years or so and truly adored him, both as my physician, and as a joyful, kind man. He helped me to feel more joy with his ebullient, compassionate energy. My sincerest condolences go to his family and all those who may have been close to him.KrKdu

Posted by Jan Roll-Mederos - Jamaica Plain, MA   July 28, 2017

I was a patient of Dr. Johannes, only since September, he really was the best doctor I have had since my childhood; always engaging, cheerful, and thoughtful. He will be missed by so many; thank you to his family for sharing him with us.

Posted by Gregory Nannig - Cambridge, MA - Acquaintance   July 28, 2017

I just heard the news today and was shocked and saddened to learn of Dick's passing. I had the privilege of working with him for many years during the Cardinal Health period. His intelligence and insights about healthcare were phenomenal. I always learned something when talking with Dick. Despite his many accomplishments, he was a humble man that was always open to others. Every encounter I had with Dick was a pleasure...I always learned something new. What I remember most though was his way of bringing out the best in me, and others.
Lesson learned: I left Cardinal 9 years ago and just return to BD this past October. I have been so busy since returning...but the lesson here, is not to wait to connect to people that matter in life. I waited too long. I will miss him!

Posted by Claudia Russell - San Diego, CA - Coworker   July 24, 2017

Along with Dick Bratt and Don Rucker, I had the pleasure of working with Dick at a small startup company in the 90's. I remember going to his office one day at work and I had a work question... I had interrupted him flying an airplane on his computer (MS Flight Simulator) and without missing a beat he told me he much rather fly the jet rather than the airplane simulator from that program. I can't remember any of our work conversations - but I do recall the twinkle in his eye when he talked about flying his virtual airplane or running his model trains.

My condolences to the family.

Posted by Titus Kao - Acton, MA - Acquaintance   July 21, 2017


It is sad to hear that Dr Dick passed away. I was mentored by Dick on a feasability project for commencing the GI fellowship in Rwanda. He was a perfect mentor with excellent skills in IT and he was my model doctor. I and the whole endoscopic unity of CHU, Kigali miss an important Man. May he rest in peace.

Posted by Eric Rutaganda - Kigali - Student   July 20, 2017

I wanted to express my condolances to Dick's family and friends. I was a co-worker of Dick's at BD and though I did not get to work with him very often it was a positive experience when I did. I was always impressed with his knowledge and experience that he provided to the team.

Posted by Paula Johnson - New Freedom, PA - Coworker   July 19, 2017

I am so sorry to hear of Dick's passing. I had the pleasure of meeting him at BWH and while we didn't have the opportunity to work together as much as I would have liked, I often ran into him on the shuttle bus. After a conversation with Dick I always felt happy and lucky to know someone like him. His general enthusiasm for life was infectious and we chatted about each of his life's passions (kids, trains) at some point on the ride from Longwood to 850 Boylston).

My thoughts are with your family.

Posted by Lara Szent-Gyorgyi - Brookline, MA - Coworker   July 19, 2017

Dick radiated enthusiasm and a congenial sense of affable camaraderie.
Curious about this, I asked "what is your secret?
"Get obsessed and STAY obsessed" was his answer.

Posted by Chuck McWilliams - Wellesley, MA - Friend   July 19, 2017

To the family

I was a patient of your beautiful Dr.Johannes. I am so sorry for your loss.I pray that memories of your days with him will ease your sorrow. Even though he is with the Lord, he is always in your heart.
He touched so many people with his caring manner, he will be missed by all.

Posted by Joan Gendrolis - Concord, MA   July 18, 2017

Dr Johannes was a very compassionate man. He found my medical problem when no one else could. On his medication I immediately responded to good health after 10 months of being very ill. When I was in Brigham and Women's for a different health issue, he came to visit me on a friendly basis, not in his capacity as Doctor. I will always remember him as a thoughtful, caring doctor and person. I am very sorry to know of his passing at such a young age. My prayers and condolences are with his family and loved ones during this trying time.
Anne Burke-Silva

Posted by Anne Burke-Silva - Acquaintance   July 18, 2017


I remembers Dick's smile, his easy laugh and his enthusiasm for his work. I worked with "Dr. Dick" at Cardinal Health/MediQual. I'm sure he will be missed by any and all that crossed his path.

Posted by Carol Dionne - MA - Coworker   July 18, 2017

Dear Kay, Claire, and Caleb,

For the past couple of years, our three-person CareFusion research team occupied your dining room weekly, using it as our research conference room. We got to know you all with these frequent visits and acted like your extended family members. We are forever grateful that you tolerated our noisy presence in your house. After all the loud arguments, Dick would say: we are still a family and we all bursted into laughter.

As the first employee Dick hired at Cardinal Health, I have worked with Dick for the past 16 years. Dick was a great mentor; he was our encyclopedia. Outside of work, he genuinely care about all of us. Once when I was ill, he went out all his way to ensure that I received the best care from his friends at BWH. He did so to other coworkers' family members as well. I own so much to his guidance, kindness and generosity.

Kay, Claire, and Caleb, whenever Dick talked about you, his voice was always full of profound love. My deep thoughts and sympathy are with you at this difficult time.


Posted by Ying Tabak - Weston, MA - Friend   July 17, 2017


Will be greatly missed, my memory , very soft spoken! RIP, will miss seeing you, passing in the hallway at BWH

Posted by Renee White - Brockton, MA - Coworker   July 17, 2017

I had the pleasure of working with Dick in a small firm. He was alway ready to help anyone and everyone. His advice was always wise and he invariably had a smile on his face. He was, above all else, a good, kind man and my life was enriched by knowing him. My best wishes go to his family in this difficult time.

Posted by Richard Bratt - Richardson, TX - Coworker   July 17, 2017

My sincere condolences to Dick's family. I worked with Dr. Johannes for several years at CareFusion. He was such a positive influence on everyone he met and worked with. He contributed so much to improving healthcare while at CareFusion/BD. I am so thankful to have had the privilege to work with him and to call him a friend.

Posted by Jim Paloyan    July 17, 2017

So sorry to learn of Dicks / "Doc's" passing,
I knew him as an avid model railroader and a very nice man.
Dick had made several enjoyable visits to operate my model railroad along with his friend Gerry Covino.
He will be greatly missed by his friends in the Hub Division circles for His many contributions to the success of furthering this wonderful hobby..
Dick Johannes was a very special guy who served two of his passions of medicine and model railroading with equal fervor, knowledge and expertise.
His loss will be felt greatly for a very long time by those who knew him closely.
Doc was a man of great integrity and knowledge, how could you not like and enjoy being with this fine gentleman!.
I too will miss and fondly recall many conversations with this fine gentleman and his cheerful manner.
God bless you all who must endure & cope with His loss.

Ace Cutter

Posted by Ace Cutter - Wakefield, MA - Acquaintance   July 17, 2017

Dear Kay-Kay, Caleb and Claire,
For over 15 years Dick was a colleague, mentor and most importantly, a dear friend. We would speak or communicate by text/phone several times a week (almost daily) and every time we would speak we would start by sharing baseball, other sports or family highlights from the previous day or weekend before getting on with the work that we both love. His reach and impact was very broad at Becton, Dickinson and Company and know that he will be missed dearly by the BD family. Since the news of his passing, every time I see my phone I want to text or call him and knowing my dear friend will not receive the text or call is heartbreaking. He has left a very strong legacy in the three of you that he loved the most and spoke of often.
Vikas Gupta and the Gupta Family, Naperville, IL

Posted by Vikas Gupta - Naperville, IL - Friend   July 17, 2017

We met Dick through Team Heart where we enjoyed his bright mind with caring compassion to develop a GI Fellowship in Rwanda. On a September 2016 trip we had a spectacular visit. Dick and Fred Makrauer met with leaders in Medicine in Rwanda and the Medical School and it was inspirational to see him connect the dots between the potential of corporate contacts and improving the lives of so many people. He was the perfect partner.

Over dinner at Heaven (yes there is a restaurant called Heaven!) , he spoke of his love and admiration for his family, his many interests and friends--and his concern for those so less fortunate. He immediately connected with the opportunity to partner with Rwanda and utilize the talents and experience of those colleagues who did not have the same opportunity and support.

Dick was able to stay focused, but yet did not meet a single person he was not interested in. He enjoyed every aspect--the food, the sounds, the birds, the flowers, the hospitals the people. He embraced every single aspect. Treating everyone with the upmost respect was his signature--but it was so much a part of who he was...a remarkable man. Our thoughts are with his family and colleagues. I feel so fortunate to have known him.

Posted by Ceeya Patton-Bolman - Boston, MA - Friend   July 17, 2017

Dick and I worked together at datamedic. He was an absolute joy to work with and I was lucky to have met him and call him a friend. He had a brilliant mind and I learned a lot from him. I will miss him and his wonderful laugh lots!

Posted by Laura Melanson - Boston, MA - Coworker   July 17, 2017

It feels like about 10 years since I last saw him. I vividly remember DIck's kindness and sense of humor. He had a train setup in his Cardinal office on 400 Nickerson Rd, Marlboro and I brought my young daughter, whom he doted on and took time to explain what it all was. We once visited a model railroad meet at Marlboro HS and saw his contribution to the big train "loop" they put together. It was always a pleasure to converse with him about anything -- business and non-business. He represented our company's work with professionalism, humor, and personal enthusiasm always. Although he's only a handful of years older than me, he seemed eternally young and a seer as well-- a wonderful combination of personality and competence.

Posted by Jagan Nath Khalsa - Millis, MA - Coworker   July 17, 2017

II Corinthians 5:8 tells us that when we are no longer in this earthly body, we are present with our heavenly father.

May the peace of God strengthen you, may the hand of God guide you and may the love of God hold and keep you as you mourn the loss of a husband, father, friend, and coworker.

My prayers and sincerest condolence are with you.

Artonia Johnson (BWH)
Administrative Assistant to Dick

Posted by Artoniaq Johnson - Revere, MA - Coworker   July 17, 2017

Dick will be sorely missed!

Posted by John Barrington - Westwood, MA   July 17, 2017

My condolences to the family. Dick will be missed. I had the privilege to work for Dick for most of the 90's. He was hands down the best manager I have ever had. Dick was passionate about the work creating the best clinical knowledge bases available. As a manager his gentle guidance helped me to grow all my skills. He had tremendous knowledge it seemed on every subject. He was a wonderful man to work with. I can picture Dick now in a circle of people telling entertaining jokes. A great man has been lost.

Posted by John D'Elia - Woburn, MA - Coworker   July 17, 2017

I knew Dick through model trains, having met him at a Girl Scout's Father/Daughter dance. I told him he had to explain the t-shirt with a caboose on it, and we went on from there. His willingness to shoulder responsibilities for the local modeling organization, the Hub Division of the NMRA, brought him a great deal of respect and appreciation, since he managed to do all that without ruffling the egos of those he managed. Easygoing with a sharp sense of humor, he will be very much missed. RIP, Dick.

Posted by Schuyler Larrabee - Newton Highlands, MA   July 17, 2017

My deepest condolences to the Johannes family. I met Dick only once at the NMRA show in Lexington MA, in December 2011. He graciously agreed to speak in front of the camera and gave a soft spoken yet passionate and eloquent presentation of the world of model railroading. I am now dedicating this video to his memory: .

-santo wiryaman

Posted by Santo Wiryaman - Lexinton, MA - Acquaintance   July 17, 2017

Dick was one of the most thoughtful and gracious folks I have ever met. Working with him in the 1990's was a wonderful experience of learning and thinking. There was no area of clinical medicine, computer science or politics Dick had not made some intelligent (and humorous) observations about. Don Rucker

Posted by Don Rucker - Washington, DC - Coworker   July 16, 2017

Kay-Kay, Caleb and Claire,

You will hear many wonderful things about the husband and father you knew.
From all the comments and accolades, you will hear what a remarkable individual he was. His wide and varied intellect, his warmth, his humor, his wonderful laugh...where else do you find a friend who can talk the gamut from model trains to wrestling to medicine to computers to engineering? in each area with depth of knowledge. There will never another like him. He will be missed in every arena he played. What a guy!

My love and sympathies to you all,


Posted by Karen Hutcheon - Baltimore, MD - Family Friend   July 16, 2017

I worked closely with Dick for eleven very productive years. He was the ideal colleague: smart, thoughtful, generous, funny, and wise. They don't come any better. I am better for having known and worked with him.

Posted by Scott Finley - Towson, MD - Coworker   July 16, 2017

We will miss you, Dick. I will remember all the conversations we had about model railroading, the NMRA and our respective Divisions. I was one of those modelers that was honored when you came to New Hampshire to visit or operate on my railroad. The contributions you made to HUB Division will be noted and followed for many years to come and your friendship to me and others "north of the border" will endure.

Bruce Robinson
Seacoast Division, NMRA

Posted by Bruce Robinson - Sandown, NH - Friend   July 16, 2017

My condolences to the family. Our lord father promises that very soon he will bring back our loved ones and we will never lose them again. Isaac 25:8

Posted by A friend   July 16, 2017


Needless to say, I'm filled with sadness in hearing this news. There's too much to be said about Dick to fit in any memory book. For starters, though, for the geeks among us, how does one pick only one relationship when, with Dick, many of us have a many-to-one relationship with him. He was a close friend, a teacher, a member of the family, and so much more. Kay and Dick were a great team, and have a legacy of children and grandchildren, a loving network of friends, and hundreds of colleagues from at least two major league baseball cities!

I love you and will miss you adding to my already overflowing chalice of fond memories.


Posted by Kevin Johnson - Brentwood, TN - Friend   July 16, 2017

In a household that was warm, inviting, and comforting, Dick's presence always shined especially bright. He was a friend to my family, a great role model, and will be dearly missed. My condolences for your loss.

Posted by Joseph Treff - Somerville, MA - Friend   July 16, 2017

Dear Kay, family and friends of Richard "Dick" Johannes MD and train enthusiast, on behalf of the BOD of the Nutmeg Division and the National Model Railroad Association we send our condolences to all of you and to let you know that our prayers and thoughts are with all of you at this terrible time. May he rest in peace forever.

Ronald J. Pelletier
Communication Manager / Membership Promotion Manager / Newsletter Editor

Nutmeg Division
Northeastern Region

Posted by A friend   July 15, 2017

Dick and I became colleagues when Cardinal acquired MedMined in 2006. We soon became friends and I always admired his intelligence, enthusiasm, decency, and generosity. He was a doctor for all the right reasons. We kept in touch, talking and texting a few times a year about science, medicine, and sports. I always looked forward to our conversations and was hoping to see him in August on a visit to Boston. I will miss him. Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss.

Steve Brossette

Posted by Stephen Brossette - New Orleans, LA - Friend   July 15, 2017

We are sad at Doc's loss but we feel lucky to have known him in our lives and this evokes good memories.

Posted by Rick and Liz Murray - Gloucester, MA - Friend   July 15, 2017

He was the kindest man to get to know. Working with him was always a pleasure, it was like working with your Dad. He was brilliant, and always had an interesting story. He will be missed. The world will not be the same without him, but a better place having had him in it.

Posted by Sheri Zarrella - Boston, MA - Coworker   July 15, 2017


We will miss you so much Dick. Such an amazing loving generous Renaissance Man. Your co-workers at BWH will never forget you.

Posted by Carla Birarellu - Wayland, MA - Friend   July 15, 2017