Condolence & Memory Journal

To all the Driscoll and Kling Families. We were very sorry to read of Sis's passing.
Remember her well from Our Lady's School and Church. Although we live on the Cape, we did get to see her at the funeral Masses.
She will be sadly missed and we know that she rests in the peace of our Lord.
Joe (OLHS '51) and Pat Kelly

Posted by Joe Kelly - Newton, Waltham, South Yarmo, MA - Classmate   October 22, 2016

Sorry to hear of Carolyn's passing. She was a lovely person and very friendly. I met Carolyn when I married Jack Brennan as Jack's sister Mary Jane a good friend she and her sister.. Please
accept my condolences for you loss. She will be missed at Our Lady's.

Posted by A friend   October 15, 2016

Posted by Barbara Brennan - So Dartmouth, MA   October 15, 2016

Paul, Brian and Anne Marie, truly sorry for your loss of your Mom. She was a great woman and some fond memories of her back at high school. Our sympathy and prayers are with you and all of your family. God Bless

Scott McAdam

Posted by A friend   October 13, 2016

Brian, Paul and Anne Marie, I wanted to extend my deepest condolences.
I'll never forget your Mom from our High School years - she was the best.
You were blessed to have such an amazing Mom.
Brian, I'd love to get together with you sometime. Please reach out to me.
Steve Nugent

Posted by Steve Nugent - Winchester, MA - Family Friend   October 06, 2016

Dear Anne-Marie, Brian, and Paul;

If ever there was an unsung hero among us it was your Mother. Throughout her life, she was a selfless, fearless, example of strength.

In her youth, she distinguished herself academically and as a student athlete. She married your Dad and raised a beautiful family. She and Uncle John balanced the right doses of love, example, and discipline and the results spoke for themselves.

She had a great sense of humor, a beautiful laugh, and special kindness and calmness in her attitude and disposition. She was well informed on everything and anything in the news, and she was an avid sports fan. She loved to travel and she treasured her friendships with the Brandons, the McGoldrick's, the Akillians, and so many others, and she had great closeness with Claire and Ed and their family and of course Nana Kling, whom she cared for like her own mother.

She loved you all unconditionally - she was always so proud of you all, and you already know she delighted in the joy of her grandchildren. They were the gifts for her that never stopped giving.

After losing both of her parents to ill health by the age of 32, her bonds with her brothers Joey and Brendan, and her sister Joan, became the bedrock and the blessing of our incredible extended family.

From there, the journey of happy memories continued and never ended. Green Harbor and Marshfield fairs. Christmas on Berkeley Drive. Birthday Cookouts for Paul. York Beach vacations and sunny days on Long Sands Beach with her endless supply of sandwiches. When Uncle John cleaned out 8-year-old Anne Marie's vacation savings at the card table within two hours of arrival, Aunt Sissy was there to pull rank and intervene. Then there was the dueling 25th Anniversary Party at The Elks. 4th of July's in Chelmsford. Cape Cod weeks in Harwich. Brian's Culinary Olympiads. Foxwoods Casino trips with the ladies. Congo Bars, Paul's Chicken Wings, and Thinly Sliced Cake.

When Uncle John became ill in the late 1980's, for more than 15 years, she never left his side. She never wavered. She never experienced self-pity. She never lost her faith. In fact, her faith grew. At Elizabeth Seton, she became a servant-leader. She was known throughout the facility. She knew every patient, every nun, every volunteer, and every care-giver by name and by personal story. When God took Uncle John in 2002, she was determined to channel her gifts of service through the ministries of the aptly named Our Lady Help of Christians Parish.

As a member of the bereavement committee she brought comfort to the grieving, visiting families who had lost a loved one and who were experiencing the most difficult of times. She volunteered and participated in numerous ways in the parish, and the Our Lady's community became her second family. Among other things, her faith resulted in her complete command of the Scriptures, and her volunteerism at Our Lady's brought her complete command of any and all Church ceremonial tradition and protocol. As the Pastor has remarked, if she's not in heaven, then we're all in trouble. We have no doubt she's there with so many loved one's there to greet her. By the time we arrive someday (hopefully) there's no doubt that by then she'll be working the door.

Finally - but to one person beyond 101 Eliot Ave, your mother's heroics were not unsung. She was always my mother's hero. I can't imagine that there have ever been two sisters more devoted to each other, than your mother and mine. Their closeness was an integral part of their happiness, and their faith and their service together at Our Lady's, and it also connected our families, and will live on. They confided in each other, the worried for each other, they prayed for each other, they encouraged each other, they loved each other. When it came to communicating, they would never have settled for texting and emailing; their sometimes thrice -a-day visits and phone conversations and daily recaps were too valuable and too personal to be abbreviated for convenience sake. Even now my mother keeps reaching for the phone to call her.

They treasured and relied on Uncle Brendan's strength and loving support, and Aunt Natalie was a true sister to them. Together - They shared their families joys with each other. As I went through boxes of photos this week, your Mom is every group photo of every celebratory event ever held at 13 Chesley Ave. My Dad always knew to plan to swing by Sissy's house with my Mom whether to check on her, or offer a ride, or drop off a bite to eat.

It's hard to not have had the chance to say good-bye. Hindsight doesn't help us with that now. The fact that she didn't complain about her illnesses reflected her character, and perhaps the one final secret that she made and kept with herself. We are all so proud to have shared so many of our happy times with her for so many years, and we're grateful to you all for sharing her with us.

Follow her example and you'll never have any regrets.

God Bless;

Phil, Maryanne, Adrienne, and Julia

Posted by Phil Donnelly - Needham, MA   October 06, 2016

dear klings,
your lives have been so interwoven with ours. we have all grown up together.
caroline was such a star in our lives.
beginning with teaching mom and us to make her sour cream coffee cake, ( an ongoing recipe).
always being there for the family in any time of need.
she was one of the most generous and kind people it has been our privilege to call friend.
something you already know, but take solace in what an impact she had not only in your lives, but the lives of so many others.
we all loved her!
barb (Brandon) and kev

Posted by A friend   October 05, 2016

Dear Paul, BK, and Anne Marie:
No matter what you called her - Mom, Grammy, Sis, Aunt Sis, Carolyn, or Mrs. Kling, your relationship with Aunt Sissy was compassionate, it was loving, it was friendly, and it was real.
After caring for Uncle John for so many years, she decided to continue to devote her life to helping others. Just an amazing person.
She drove her car until the day she passed and went out on her own terms. In speaking with those closest to her this week, there was almost a sense that she knew the end of the road was near. Part of me hopes that's the case. As sad as her passing make us, she went out on top of her game - helping others and sharing her love for all of us.
There are worse ways to go but our hearts still ache. As time passes I hope it will be easier to focus on all the qualities and memories that made up the exceptional life your mother lived.

Love you guys always,
Tom, Joanne, Sean and Jillian

Posted by Thomas Donnelly - Waltham, MA - Family   October 05, 2016

Our deepest sympathy to the Kling family, Anne Marie, Paul, Brian, Joanie and Phil,

We have been so blessed throughout the years to have "Sis" in our lives. She will always be remembered as a dear friend; one who always put other people first and was there for everyone at anytime. May she rest in eternal peace.


The Bill Bertrand Family

Posted by A friend   October 05, 2016

Dear Joan and Phil and all your family - so sorry of your great loss.
Carolyn was one of the nicest people I'd ever met. Always a smile
and 'how are you' ? even through all her pain and sickness. It
won't be the same Joan not seeing you two together. We know
though that she is now pain free and enjoying her heavenly
home she so deserves. Love and prayers, Peggy Cleary.

Posted by Peggy Cleary - Newton, MA - Friend   October 05, 2016

Paul and Family, Sorry to hear of the loss of your Mom. What a nice, kind women. Only good thoughts at this sad time.

Posted by Jeanne, Joan and Mary Lynch - Newton, MA   October 04, 2016

What an amazing woman your mother was!. She was truly one of a kind.
She was such a positive, caring, kind and gentle force. We all have been so fortunate having her presence in our lives. We will always miss her smile and
her wonderful laugh!
We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.
Much Love,
Patty & Steve

Posted by Patty Brandon-Romsey - Little Compton, RI - Family Friend   October 04, 2016

Condolences to Carolyn Klings children. I grew up in Newton and attended Our Ladys. Carolyn was a warm, wonderful, caring individual. Her kindness to my family during our grieving process was greatly appreciated. She will be missed.

Posted by Mary Cicciu - Cotuit, MA - Acquaintance   October 04, 2016

Dear Paul,Brian,Anne Marie and extended family members. Your mom was the epitome of grace and dignity throughout her life. Her positive outlook and compassionate nature extended to all she came in contact with. Our entire family was so lucky to have her in our lives. Thank you for sharing her with us. May the many wonderful memories you have bring you peace at this difficult time.

Love you all, Tom and Nancy Brandon

Posted by A friend   October 04, 2016

So sorry to hear of Carolyn's passing. I worked with Carolyn for a number of years at South Shore Bank. We worked together at the Lower Falls Office my last two years with the bank.
She was a joy to work with. So friendly and kind and so very proud of her children
She will be greatly missed by all of us who worked with her.

Posted by Bob Mortarelli - Natick, MA   October 04, 2016

So sorry to hear of Carolyn's passing. I worked with her at South Shore Bank and for the last two years of my career shared the same Lower Falls Office. She was such a lady and a warm and caring person.
She was very proud of her children and greatly respected by her coworkers.She will be missed by all of us.
Bob Mortarelli
Natick, MA

Posted by A friend   October 04, 2016

Paul, Brian, and Ann Marie,

You mother was a wonderful person full of kindness and helpful to so many with her service to the church. We will miss talking with her about family on our annual trips to Cape Cod. She was a wonderful sister to my father, Aunt Joanne, Uncle Joey, Uncle Phil, and my mother. The sibling relationship she had with all of them was a wonderful role model for all of her children, nieces and nephews. I know my father had a deep love, respect, and admiration for Sissy (We heard many times how athletic she was as a young woman). We will always be grateful to her for the love and support she showed our family when we lost David, my father and my mother. We admired the strength she demonstrated when you lost your father at such an early age.
We take great comfort that your mother lived a long and healthy life and we will cherish the memories of so many family events that we got to spend with her.

Fran and Maria

Posted by Francis Driscoll - Herndon, VA   October 03, 2016